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Damascinus is an author and visual artist, who hails from the Caribbean. As a writer, he prefers to not be confined by genre and writes both fiction and non-fiction. Ten years ago, he discovered writing as a way to chronicle his many life experiences as an immigrant and veteran. He currently resides in Virginia with his wife and son. You can view his portfolio and find out more about the author at www.damascinus.com.

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Dante and The Magic Lomi Stick

A summer vacation in Hawaii... What can go wrong? Dante has been restless since the day he arrived & finally convinces his grandparents to take him in a hike. He gets lost & finds a random stick that changes his life forever. Strange events unfold & adventure is around every corner. Dante learns that Ohana, Love & Courage, are what he'll need to harness his Mana & save his birthplace with the power of nature. 



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